You are richer than you think

If you are reading this, you are a very lucky person. Not because of my phenomenal writing skills ( yeah right 🙂 ). But because you are richer than you think.

If you are reading this the chance is very real that:

  • You live in a western country
  • Have access to a computer and the internet
  • You are attentive to your financial situation.

And that simply makes the chances of you being or becoming rich 95%. Bear with me as I prove how rich you really are.

You are richer than you think.

You live in a western country

The total amount of wealth in this world sits at 256 trillion USD. Which makes for an average of 52 800 USD per adult. Now, wealth is distributed very  unequally both within countries and across countries, but if you look at a global scale you are very probably among the richest adults in the world. If your net worth sits above 10 000 USD, you are richer than 71% of the world’s population. If you have a net worth above 100 000 USD, you are sitting firmly among the worlds richest 8%.

wealth distribution in the world

source: Credit Suisse Wealth Report 2016

This wealth distribution is heavily weighted towards western countries. You are higher up the global wealth pyramid than you think. And the fact of the matter is: if you have protested against the 1%, you might not be that far off yourself.

Luckily, as we speak, developing countries are catching up generating a substantial amount of wealth for themselves. But in terms of income the developed world still has an advantage over the rest of the world.

income distribution in the world. You are already rich.


So based on my Google Analytics stats, the chances are that you are richer than you think!

Confused on how to calculate your net worth? Calculate your net worth the right way.

You have access to a computer and the internet

If you have a computer and access to the internet that is literally all you need to create a good income for yourself.

The internet gives us more information at the click of a button than we can ever process. You can up skill yourself for little or no money through MOOCS and online courses. And with that knowledge comes the opportunity for a higher income. You do not longer have to attend a 4 year, expensive university program to be able to learn skills that can get you paid in the marketplace.

Take a look at these courses  that will give you an edge on the job market:

Even for those who are want to keep it light a plethora of opportunities exist on the net:

  • learn to play the guitar
  • Etc..

In addition, the internet has an unbelievable multiplicator effect. You have the opportunity to create a business for as little as a few hundred dollars and your creativity. Whether that is through blogging, setting up an e-shop, freelancing or creating your own mobile app. Just switch off that T.V. And start hammering away on that key board. Keep putting in that work. And keep investing in yourself.

You are attentive to your financial situation

If you are reading a blog about personal finance, it probably means that you are at the very least eager to learn about money, wealth and personal finance. Maybe you are just joining the path to paying of debt or becoming financially independent. Perhaps you are already wealthy and simply want to get an edge. Whichever the case, the very fact that you are spending time learning about this, tells me that you have goals and are planning your way towards them.

And never forget:

” The future you see, is the future you get”.

(quote by Robert G. Allen)


I’m not saying that this is easy and I’m not saying that you can have anything you want. Because that is simply not true. It takes a lot of hard work, but it also takes a bit of luck. What I am saying is that opportunities are available all around us.

You are richer than you think! Now grab the opportunities you have been handed!

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