Why Make Wealth Simple?

How do your ideas about money take form as you grow up? Looking back at how I formed my framework about money over the years, I can’t help but think that there must have been a better way. It has been an erratic journey to arrive where I am.


There was little or no financial education dispensed when I was growing up. Unless I’m mistaken, that situation has remained unchanged (at least in Belgium it has). You are left to figure things out by yourself and make it work. Living in Continental Europe where talking about money was (and maybe still is) considered bad taste, I also never bothered to ask those difficult questions to successful people around me.

I graduated with a Master degree in Economics and I had a lot of vague dreams about getting rich, but I had no clue about money. A few months into my first job I stumbled on Brian Tracy’s “Million Dollar Habits”. That book laid my first foundations of money management. It also taught me how to “make a difference” at work. Over the years I got promoted several times and saw my gross salary triple ( net salary not as much :-). Taxes are a b** over here). I made good money. I saved a bit every month in a mutual fund. I moved across Europe for work. Life was sweat.

But as I made up my balance sheet shortly after my 29th birthday, I was caught by surprise. How could I make so “much” money and still be so “broke”. It absolutely made no sense. I spent that entire night awake searching the internet, trying to learn what the secret was to becoming rich. As I weeded through all the get-rich-quick schemes, a few concepts started to catch my eye. People were writing about early retirement, financial independence and frugality. I spent the following days digging through a number of blogs. The ones that marked my upcoming financial education the most were: Mrmoneymustache and Financial Samurai. Within months I turned around my money situation and have since booked more progress than I could imagine.

Ever since I have kept reading and learning about personal finance. Unfortunately, I see so many people around me struggle and make the same lousy financial decisions I made years ago. This is my main drive to write this blog. But I am certainly not perfect and I am still learning a lot about money and wealth. I figured this blog would be an ideal way to learn together.

Make Wealth Simple’s mission?

Make Wealth Simple is about laying bare the anatomy of wealth and explaining in simple terms how this all works. Everyone can learn about finance and build a great life. This blog is about maximizing your potential. Talent is overrated and grinding hard will get you where you want to be. This blog is about understanding money, becoming wealthy and living life by design.

It seems like everything sensible has already been written about personal finance and little room is left to bring truly innovative ideas about personal finance. However, the sheer amount of people who have difficulties with money, lead me to believe that this is not an entire waste of time.

I feel that typically you will find two types of personal finance blogs on the internet:

  • Very basic wisdom that focuses on avoiding $3 latte’s and getting out of debt
  • Advanced and in-depth knowledge from people who are already financially independent

Make Wealth Simple is a bridge between these two worlds. I break down financial concepts in little chunks and simplify them. In doing so, I might generalize or not be 100% scientifically exact, but that is not the aim of this blog.

Make Wealth Simple is not just about money. Just as life is not just about money. So chances are real that I will post about learning, books and career progression.

Make Wealth Simple is also about my personal journey and keeping tabs on my personal journey to Financial Independence and Early Retirement.


Make Wealth Simple is also about trying something new. The internet has opened up the possibility to every one to try something new at virtually no cost. Worse comes to worse MWS will connect me with like-minded people, teach me about the internet and help me improve my writing. No downsides here!

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