Here are some of my favorite resources for building wealth:

Blogs I read all the time:

Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai
At the very top of my resources comes the Financial Samurai Blog. Packed with some of the more advanced personal finance concepts and the author leads by example.

Mr Money Mustache

If you know my blog, chances are slim that I'm the one to introduce you to MMM. This blog disrupted completely the way I thought about finance.

Money Boss

Money Boss
From the original writer of JD Roth has walked the path to financial independence and along the way we get to enjoy his tips and tricks.

Afford Anything

Afford Anything
I would say that Paula started out as a PF blogger, but now mainly blogs about the philosophy of early retirement, making smarter decisions and building a better life. She does not post that frequently, but each and every post is golden. Paula hosts the "Afford Anything" podcast. One of the best podcasts I've heard on PF. just download every episode and start binge listening.


Sydney blogs on She has built her freelancing business and is steady on her way to financial independence. Whenever I need a boost of moral to keep pushing and hustling, this is where I turn too.

Books that inspire me to build wealth:

These come packed with information on how to build wealth. These links contain affiliate links to Amazon. So if you choose to buy one of these, it helps out this site.

The Millionaire Next Door
Written 20 years ago this book has become a classic in the realm of personal finance. It is a compilation of the research the authors did about the lives and habits of America's millionaires. In essence this book teaches you what the wealthy do and it does so by presenting data about a representative, large group. This book is an ideal starter course on your road to financial independence.
7 Habits of Effective People
Not a book about personal finance, but also a must-read in the field of personal development. The 7 Habits of Effective People shaped my worldview and I do not exagerate if I say that this book made me a better person. Because not everything is about money, I have included this in my shortlist.
Rich dad, Poor dad
Another personal finance best seller. While I do not agree with all of the views of the author, it offers a nice perspective on how to look at money and wealth. Besides, who cares that I do not agree with all of Kiyosaki's views? He happens to be a multi-millionaire and I'm not (yet :-).
Capital in the 21st Century
It is not everyday that a dense, 600 page , academic book hits top charts. Don't let is scare you because this is a great book if you are interested in wealth and inequality. Piketty studied how wealth in Europe and the US has built over time and how the concentration of wealth can bring instability. While you might not agree with his philosophy, you will learn a lot with this book.

Books on my wish list:

I haven’t gotten around to reading these. But as soon as I do I’ll make sure to share my book reviews.

Smarter Faster Better
Charles Duhigg zooms into the core behaviors of super productive people. In essence this book is about how to improve what you are doing.
Slight Edge
Recommended by Gen Y Finance Guy on his blog. It features on my reading list. The book markets itself as: "a way of processing information that enables you to make the SIMPLE daily choices that will lead you to the success and happiness you desire."
Start with why
I can't believe I haven't come around to reading this one. It has been a major best seller since 2009. Start With Why is for those who want to inspire others and for those who want to find someone to inspire them.
Competing against luck
Innovation guru Clayton M. Christensen's new book.
Tools of Titans
After his mythical "4 Hour Work Week" Tim Ferriss is back with an opus an productivity. I'm not in agreement with all of Tim's teachings, but I'm sure there must be a few hidden gems tucked into this book.
10 Types of Innovation
You got it. I love learning about innovation and new technologies. The 10 types of innovation helps you look at innovation from 10 different angles, giving you ample tools to be a trailblazer yourself.