The good and the ugly of staying outside of the comfort zone

The thing I love most about the personal finance community is that people generally tend to seek personal growth. Personal finance aficionado’s tend to be driven, look for ways to challenge themselves and stay outside of their comfort zone.

stay outside the comfort zone

In the past two years I:

  • did and Executive MBA , while working full-time
  • switched to a new job, with a better long-term outlook, but lower short-term pay, and waaaaay more hours (I know, who does a dumb thing like that ?)
  • started blogging

I’m super stoked and sometimes I feel like I want to jump out of excitement. I’m behaving like a kid in a candy store. But nothing of value comes easy. I’ve experienced this every single day for the past two years. I am extremely happy and fortunate. But I get tired too.

The ugly side of staying outside of the comfort zone

Living outside your comfort zone is not peachy, it is not always fun. Because if it were, everyone would do it. No, it is tiring, you feel like a stranger and you sometimes feel just stupid.


The hours are long, the work requires focus and everything is new. So even the simplest of tasks takes a lot of time from me.

2. I feel like a stranger

I spent 10 years in a company where I knew everything and everyone, but I knew that I started to outgrow my role. Instead of reclining my sea, I decided to jump ship. I was too young to start getting comfortable. I switched industries, profession and I am starting all over again. That’s okay , because i do not believe in a linear career model, where you spend 40 years climbing the corporate ladder and hoping your manager tosses you a promotion here and there. Now I’m the newbie on the block again.

3. Stupid.

I started blogging a couple of weeks ago. Don’t be fooled by the articles that portray this as something easy. Believe me, setting up a half decent blog does not take twenty minutes. There are still some things I havent’ figured out yet. But I’ve learnt more about the internet and it’s possibilities in the past three weeks, than my entire life before. And that alone is worth the entire experience. Who cares if this does not work. I will fail fast and fail often and I’ll embrace the learning curve.


The good side of staying outside of the comfort zone

But luckily there the benefits to getting out of your comfort zone that do not take long to manifest

1. Sense of control

More than ever, I have my whole shit together (Gang Starr)

more than ever i have my whole shit together

Whether it is the blog, my new job or other endeavors I’m trying out currently, I feel like I am taking control of the steering wheel in my life. Best feeling i had in years

2. Learning

The number one skill in the job market of the future will be your ability to learn. The job you are studying for will no longer exist in 20 years. The skill you are trying to master will be irrelevant in the job market over 15 years. I’m learning and I’m improving. Whether it is about finance, work or life.

3. Making progress

It takes some time for results to materialize. But things are starting to click. I crossed the 100 k euro net worth barrier two months ago, my career is heading where I want it and life is simply good.

I have been out of my comfort zone for a couple of months, and I know I am going to stay there for a long long time. But I must say, I am having so much fun. It is worth all the trouble and pain. Because I know that I getting a bit better, stronger and faster.

I can’t begin to express my gratitude to this community that keeps challenging me and keeps me focused on my end game. Much thanks!

What about you?

How have you been doing lately? How are you staying outside of your comfort zone and how much time do you spend there? What are you working on and who keeps you inspired? Feel free to drop a comment.

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