Hi guys,

Welcome to Make Wealth Simple: my personal finance blog where I unravel the keys to becoming wealthy.

Why did I start this blog?

While retirement at 67 has become a big topic of conversation in Belgium and other European countries, I’m on a quest to defeat that premise and become financially independent by 45. I refuse to depend on a boss or the government to take care of my needs.

As I embark on this adventure, I want to enable and inspire people to design the life they want, become financially independent and enjoy the fruit of their effort to the best of their ability.

Financial independence is not something exclusive to the 1% or 0,1%. Anyone can do this stuff. Even I can do it :-).

If you are struggling with your finance, great you’ve come to the right place.

If you are on your way to financial independence, let’s motivate each other.

If you are already financially independent, pitch in in the comment section or on the blog. I’d like to learn from you.


So what can you expect from Make Wealth Simple?

I can hear you think aloud: “There are literally thousands of personal finance blogs stranded on the murky banks of the internet seas, why bother with this one?”. This is what Make Wealth Simple has in store for you:

1. Teaching

I see too many people around me (young and old) making money mistakes. I will address the more complex issues of personal finance and break them down to understandable bite sizes. If I can help a few people understand how money works and hand out a few useful frameworks that help change just 1 life, I would consider it “mission accomplished”.

2. Learning

Writing about my journey keeps me accountable and motivates me to create the life that I’m dreaming of. I’m far from perfect and I do not know it all. As I research the topic of finance, I figure we can learn together.

3. Achieving

This blog is about maximizing your potential. I believe that talent is overrated and “the grind” is what really matters. This blog is about challenging conventional thinking on how to lead your financial life. This blog is about understanding money, becoming wealthy and living life by design.

4. Something a bit different

Finally, a lot of the material about personal finance comes from the U.S. I’ll give a perspective from continental Europe, but in essence the “Money Rules” are the same for each one of us around the globe. I just figured it might be nice to read some financial views in euro.

Who am I?

  • 30-something Belgian dude
  • Senior Manager at one of the major Strategy Consulting firms
  • Pursued an MBA (part-time, while working full-time to finance it)
  • Grew up in Africa and moved to Europe in my teens
  • Lived and worked in multiple countries in Europe (but now back living in Belgium)
  • One beautiful 3-year old daughter
  • I love to see people around me do well and move ahead in life
  • I love to help
  • I believe in the power of ambition
  • My number? 1,5 million € to be reached by the age of 45 ( = 1,6 million USD). Learn about my goal here
  •  I don’t sweat the small stuff (no €3 saving tips on groceries on this blog)

My goals for 2017:

  1. Reach 130 000 € net worth
  2. Be the best dad I can possibly be
  3. Be in a great relationship
  4. Work out 180 hours
  5. Qualify for promotion in 2018
  6. Keep learning
  7. Spend more time on my guitar

I’m happy to have you as my visitor. Do not hesitate to drop me an e-mail, leave a comment or sign up for my newsletter.

Take care